Yee Consulting Group, Inc. (YCGI) was incorporated in 1994, as an environmental consulting, industrial hygiene, and environmental engineering firm. YCGI specializes in the assessment of environmental hazards, remediation design and construction management services. Our clients include many hospitals, public and private property management companies. YCGI has also worked in conjunction with many federal, state and local government entities, such as schools, universities, financial institutions, construction companies and manufacturing industries. YCGI is registered as a privately held corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with corporate offices located in Stoughton, MA.. YCGI has a certificate in “good standing” with Commonwealth of Massachusetts DOR (Department of Revenue).

YCGI’s areas of expertise: Industrial Hygiene Services: Baseline Building and Facility Analysis, Indoor Air Quality Evaluations, Long Term Air Monitoring, Development of Health & Safety Plans, Physical Hazards Exposure, Industrial Hygiene Audits, Risk Management, Confined Space Entry Evaluations, OSHA Compliance Issues, and Worker Exposure Monitoring; Asbestos Management Services: Asbestos Inventory and Hazard Assessment, Management Plan Development, Abatement Design Specifications and Drawings, Asbestos Abatement Monitoring;

YCGI was appointed as a select company with the Division of Capital and Asset Management (DCAM). Full comprehensive liability as well as A/E Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) is in place with no exclusion for asbestos, environmental impairment, or pollution. YCGI is certified and licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

YCGI has played a major consulting role in many high profile projects such as renovations of the International Gateway at Logan International Airport. East Boston, MA. In addition, many projects in the State House, Capitol building for the City of Boston and for municipalities throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. YCGI provided environmental studies and investigations that clarified subsequent work needed to successfully complete each project. YCGI produced the necessary bidding documents needed to address all federal (MA DEP) and state regulations(DLS).

YCGI has performed Proficiency Analytical Tests (PAT) on a quarterly basis. This enables YCGI to conduct Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) Air Analysis for all of our clients. For each of our projects, YCGI’s licensed consultant is NIOSH 582 certified. YCGI has set this high standard of Analytical achievement issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the past twenty (20) years.